Finns Victoria BC - Mojito Cocktail

Classic Cocktails on Wharf Street

Taking in Views of the Harbour While Sipping Classic Cocktails | Victoria, BC

At Finn’s restaurant, as we do with our seafood, steaks, and chops, we source the best ingredients for our cocktails. We mix our signature drinks using top-shelf alcohol, fresh juices, and juicy garnishes. Our casual, friendly atmosphere and stunning views make Finn’s the ideal place for cocktails in Victoria.

Finns Victoria BC - Mojito Cocktail

Finn’s Mojito Cocktail

Finn’s Favourite Cocktails

We like to keep our cocktails simple, classic, strong and cold – and these definitely fit the bill. Enjoy your drink as you catch up with family and friends, celebrate a special event or as you’re relaxing on our deck overlooking Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

The “Barely Legal” Finn’s Martini
James Bond would approve of this twist on a classic martini. There’s a reason it’s called a “Barely Legal” Martini. We pour a heavy-handed 3 ounces of Smirnoff Vodka or Tanqueray Gin and top with Vermouth. Then we shake ’er up and serve your martini straight-up with olives or a lemon twist. Also available ‘dry’ (less Vermouth), ‘wet’ (more Vermouth), or ‘dirty’ (with olive juice).

Level up! Try it with Grey Goose Vodka or Hendricks Gin.

Finn’s Margarita
This classic cocktail is one of our most popular drinks. We combine fresh-squeezed lime juice with tequila and triple sec, shake it up and pour it over ice in a salt-rimmed glass.

Liven up your margarita!
Try 1800 Reposado Reserva Tequila to take your margarita to the next level.

mexican bulldog at finns restaurant victoria bc

Mexican Bulldog @ Finn’s

Finn’s Mojito
Experience this traditional Cuban cocktail – a tasty combination of sweet, citrus, and mint. A mojito is an uncomplicated drink, having only five ingredients: rum, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and fresh mint. Many consider it to be the perfect cocktail for a relaxing day on the patio.

In addition to our classic cocktails listed above, we also serve a stellar Caesar, an enchanting Cosmopolitan and a superb Negroni.  Add to that, our Refreshing Tipples section which include cocktails such as the Grapefruit Splasher, Pimm’s & Rangpur and the Mexican Bulldog.

While Finn’s champions a good cocktail, we also carry a good selection of VQA BC wines, local craft beers on tap as well as some international favourites. View Finn’s full drink menu.

If you’re in Victoria for classic cocktails with a view, you can’t go wrong at Finn’s RestaurantReserve a table today or drop by and see us at 1208 Wharf Street.

mason jar key lime pie from Finns restaurant

Delectably Delicious Desserts Down by the Harbour

Decadent Desserts on Wharf Street in Victoria

There doesn’t need to be a special occasion to order one of Finn’s decadent desserts. Our Executive Chef, Richard Luttman, has devised all kinds of ways to tempt you and your sweet tooth. Whether you like rich, chocolate ganache or you prefer something a little tarter, you’re bound to find a dessert or two you won’t be able to resist.


mason jar key lime pie from Finns restaurant

Finn’s Mason Jar Key Lime Pie

Mason Jar “Key Lime Pie”

Add a little sweetness to your day and try our Mason Jar “Key Lime Pie”. Made in-house with the freshest ingredients, we’ve taken the traditional Key Lime pie and put a twist on it. Our “pie” has a creamy centre made with real lime juice and a coconut crumble bottom. We top it with whipped cream and a slice of fresh lime. The twist? It’s served in a small mason jar!

Flourless Chocolate Ganache

Our Flourless Chocolate Ganache is moist, dense and chocolatey – the dream of every chocoholic. We make it with rich chocolate and mix it into a creamy texture so it’s almost like eating fudge! We top it with a house-made caramel sauce and sprinkle it with sea salt. Truly a feast for your taste buds!

If you’re looking for mouth-watering desserts coupled with a delectable view, Finn’s has a variety of sweet eats to tempt you! Try our Potted Orange & Vanilla Bean Cream topped with fresh raspberries and raspberry coulis or our Vanilla Brûlée Cheesecake. Or if you’d prefer, we also have an assortment of sorbet to choose from.


Located on Wharf Street, overlooking the Inner Harbour, Finn’s restaurant is the perfect setting for drinks and dessert.

Finn’s Restaurant - A Fresh Approach to a Stale Marketplace

Finn’s Restaurant – A Fresh Approach to a Stale Marketplace

New Victoria, BC Seafood Restaurant on Wharf Street

In today’s fast-paced hospitality sector restaurants are working harder than ever to thrive or, more likely, just barely survive, and for those who do make it long enough to truly compete, the marketplace continues to become increasingly crowded.

Victoria, British Columbia, is seeing consumers increasingly choosing to avoid the downtown core in favour of edge of town shopping centres with ample parking, making the climate for new downtown restaurants even more improbable. So why would anyone choose to enter this space, and how could they possibly expect to succeed?new Victoria BC Seafood Restaurant

David Cooper, owner and CEO of South Island Hospitality helps shed some light on the subject: “We are in this business because of our love of food, and our deep commitment to our people and our customers. If we didn’t love it we wouldn’t stand a chance.”

On Canada Day, 2017, South Island Hospitality opened Finn’s Restaurant in one of the city’s most coveted heritage buildings in the heart of downtown on the inner harbour. “Of course we love our location, but it’s just not enough to have a beautiful heritage restaurant space overlooking the harbour, we have to be about more than that” says Cooper. “Our goal with Finn’s is to create a centre of excellence in our kitchen team by developing talent in an environment that offers genuine careers and opportunities for growth”. This is hardly a new concept, but it certainly is unusual to see it applied to a restaurant which falls outside of the exclusive, “high end” category. “Our people are at the heart of what we do, and how we do it, That’s our most important investment. We provide full medical and dental health benefits for every full time kitchen employee, from the dishwasher to the chef, as well as employee awards to recognize achievement, ongoing training, and for those who want to challenge themselves further, a company paid Red Seal chef apprenticeship program”.

So how has the local community responded? “Locals have been unbelievably supportive. We still haven’t done any marketing, because we are finishing up our washroom renovations and expansion of our harbour front patio, but thanks to the dedication of our kitchen and front of house teams we are already seeing locals coming back and bringing their friends. All our team members are invested in our mission, and they have made it possible for us to cover a huge amount of ground in a very short time. No matter how tight this market is, people will always respond to great food and great service in a warm inviting atmosphere”.

So if you find yourself in downtown Victoria drop in at Finn’s and see how they are doing in pursuit of their lofty goals. At the very least you can experience a refreshing approach to an often cynical business, while sipping on your cocktail and admiring Victoria’s beautiful inner harbour.