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finns chopped prawn salad

Wild Caught, Hand-Peeled Prawns

Prawns for Lunch, Dinner or as an Add-on to Any Meal

At Finn’s Seafood Chops, and Cocktails, our guests rave about our tender, plump wild-caught prawns. The accent piece of any seafood dish worth its salt, our hand-peeled wild prawns are a universal favourite. Get them served alongside a crisp salad, nestled in a bowl of creamy seafood linguini, or as a complement to our juicy NY steak.  Or if you’d rather, prawns can be added to any meal of your choice.

With a light flavour and pleasing texture, prawns are so versatile. Try our wild prawn tacos. A perennial favourite served in both appetizer or main course sizes, with salsa verde, grilled pineapple, chipotle aioli, and soft corn tortillas.finns chopped prawn salad

For lunch or a light meal, a chopped prawn salad will hit the spot. A bowl of goodness with prawns, egg, chopped romaine, bacon, broccoli and blue cheese all under a drizzle of tomato vinaigrette, this lunch will easily get you through the three-o-clock slump. We also offer a Caesar salad with fresh Grana Padano parmesan and herb croutons, with the option of adding wild prawns.

The mussels were delectable, the prawn salad (with warm prawns) divine, and the star of the evening was the halibut over a bed of pesto risotto. Absolutely mouth-watering. OMG! I want more. Wish I had taken photos!

Another great option for lunch or dinner are steam bowls, which are also incredibly popular with visitors and locals alike. The Haida Gwaii Steam Bowl features fresh local mussels and clams, wild prawns, calamari, jasmine rice and fragrant Thai red curry. For those not fond of curry, the Clayoquot Sound Steam Bowl will hit all the marks, with a white wine and garlic base, fresh local mussels and clams, wild prawns, chorizo sausage and steamed jasmine rice.

Our party of three loved our dinner at Finn’s! We tried three dishes—seafood linguini, West Coast Paella, and Haida Gwaii Steam Bowl—and all three were perfectly cooked and very flavourful. Our service by Tuomas was delightful, and the setting overlooking Victoria’s Inner Harbour was unsurpassed—our window-side table overlooked the marina, with the lighted dome of the legislature in the background—magical! Thank you, Finn’s, for a wonderful evening! We’ll be back!- Joan

There are countless ways to prepare and eat prawns, and we’ve only just hit the tip of the tail with these menu highlights. Olive Magazine has some excellent suggestions for 40+ ways to prepare prawns, from curries to summer rolls. If you’re a prawn fanatic, Finn’s Seafood, Chops and Cocktails Restaurant is a must-visit, and we look forward to serving you. Visit us today in downtown Victoria at 1208 Wharf Street for lunch, dinner or Happy Hour!

Finns - best crab in victoria

Best Crab in Victoria BC?

Fresh Caught Dungeness Crab in Downtown Victoria

Locally caught, live crab kept right in the restaurant is a fun (and delicious!) dining experience. Whether you’re a seasoned seafood fanatic or a first-timer who has never cracked a crab claw, join us for a truly satisfying meal of fresh Dungeness crab at Finn’s Seafood, Chops & Cocktails restaurant.

Finns - best crab in victoria

Dungeness crab is a type of seafood that shines on its own with a basic pairing of butter and lemon which brings out the sweet, mild flavour of the meat. We raise the bar with our menu by pairing freshly steamed local crab with tender baby potatoes, fresh seasonal vegetables, charred lemon, and drawn butter. It’s simple, but always spectacular and sure to please.

Does Finn’s Seafood Restaurant Serve the Best Crab in Victoria, BC?

Of course we certainly believe we serve the best crab in Victoria but let’s let our customers speak for themselves.

My husband I decided to finish off our Victoria vacay with dinner at Finn’s because of the great reviews we had read and the many recommendations from the locals we spoke to. It did not disappoint!! We had a wonderful server named Lindsay, who was so personable and very knowledgeable about the menu! We started off with the crab cakes, which were unreal and then for the main course my husband had the halibut and pesto risotto and I had the Dungeness crab. We were blown away by every single delicious bite! We would highly recommend Finn’s for a fantastic meal, great service in a beautiful historic building overlooking the harbour. It was the perfect end to our beautiful vacation! Thank you!! ~ knezacekms

My girlfriend and I visited this restaurant while travelling to Victoria, it was the right choice. The view from the restaurant was calming and perfect for dinner. We have high expectations when it comes to seafood – the Dungeness crab was so exquisite that we came back a second time for it! I highly suggest visiting this restaurant if you are in Victoria  ~ Sameer J

Dungeness crabs are harvested from traps in the waters surrounding Vancouver Island and are held in our saltwater tank, so you know they’re going to be as fresh as possible. Named after Dungeness, Washington, located along the Juan de Fuca Strait, this variety of crab can actually be found as far north as Alaska and as far south as Baja California Sur, Mexico, so the Vancouver Island coast is prime real estate for the delicious Dungeness.

A happy, healthy crab should be quite active and have a hard reddish-brown shell with some purple spots near the front and claws that end in a white tip. Dungeness crabs can grow up to 9 inches wide and weigh up to 3 lbs— making a hearty meal of rich & succulent crab meat. The smaller pieces of meat from legs and claws tend to be sweeter than the larger pieces of meat from the main body, and a higher or lower salinity in the water where they develop can also make a difference in the taste and texture.

Fact: Did you know that the Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) is the state crustacean of Oregon? It’s true! Schoolchildren at Sunset Primary School lobbied to have the Dungeness crab designated as the state crustacean in 2009, due to its importance to the Oregon economy.

For an authentic seafood experience, enjoy a meal at Finn’s Seafood, Chops & Cocktails restaurant at 1208 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC, or make a reservation for a group booking or special event.

Finns - best fish and chips in Victoria BC

Best Fish & Chips in Victoria

Think Finn’s for Best Fish and Chips in Victoria

Finns - best fish and chips in Victoria BC

As a top seafood restaurant in Victoria, BC, our fish and chips is a staple dish, and a popular choice among the young to the young at heart. No matter where you eat them, it’s easy to love the crisp batter and tender fish nestled inside. Earning rave reviews from locals and visitors from all over the world, at Finn’s, we aim to satisfy every single fish & chips fan with a crisp, delicious plate prepared the traditional way.

Being a harbour city with a distinctly British tone, Victoria, BC is a sea of Fish and Chips, offered everywhere from dockside food trucks to high-end restaurants. So what makes Finn’s the best fish and chips in Victoria?

“Fish and chips is a dish that not many diners choose to make at home. It’s hard to get right,” says Executive Chef Richard Luttman.

“What makes us different is that it’s all done fresh and in-house. We hand cut our fries, we fillet and prepare the fish in-house with a batter using local craft beer, and we also make our own fresh tartar sauce and coleslaw.  It’s simple, classic, and done well,” he adds.

When it comes to our fish and chips, we prepare a single large fillet of sustainably caught North Atlantic Haddock laid atop a bed of crispy, hand cut fries. Favoured for its more tender texture and sweeter taste than Cod, Haddock is preferred by many chefs for the most flavourful and meaty fish and chips.

Try substituting fries for Grana Padano Parmesan fries with fresh herbs and truffle aioli for another dimension of flavour.

… I had the fish and chips, not expecting to have a plate size portion of fish. It was deep fried, crispy outside and deliciously tender and fresh on the inside. It was served with a generous portion of fries and coleslaw. What a treat. I thought there would be no way I could eat all of it, but it was so light and tasty… well, I couldn’t refuse the full portion.  ~ Golfer4status, Salt Lake City, UT

A bit of history: Fish and chips is said to have begun in London in 1860, where it quickly took off as a preferred menu item. No one knows the true origin of this partnership, and it’s become impossible to separate fact from fiction at this point, but there are stories about chips starting in France or Belgium, and fried, battered fish being introduced into Britain by Portuguese or Spanish refugees, finally meeting in London.

It was a welcome change to the bland and prim diets and saw Britain through two world wars since fish and potatoes weren’t rationed. Whatever its true origin, the unstoppable duo has been served to people from all walks of life for around 150 years and this English classic is a winning combination for lunch or dinner.

….The food came promptly, was well prepared and pleased everyone. We had fish and chips, a classic that was done well. Cost was reasonable and good value. One of my favourite places in Victoria. Can’t go wrong.  ~ Angela W, Richmond, Canada

…My fish was fresh, tender and prepared just right. The batter was light and not greasy. The chips were cooked right and not greasy or overly seasoned. Their homemade coleslaw was also very good, light and not runny or soggy with lots of flavor. ~ borninthebronx54, Greenville, SC

Check out Finn’s full menu.


thai coconut curry mussels at finns seafood restaurant victoria bc

Finn’s – a (Sea)Foodie’s Delight

Seafood lovers know what they want—a wide selection of the freshest, tastiest, seafood possible. Whether you’re a local or visiting Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for the first time, you’re going to want to try BC seafood. Finn’s seafood restaurant is home to a large selection of local and sustainably caught seafood for the freshest fare. From made-from-scratch fish and chips to the wild BC salmon fillet elegantly prepared with lobster oil and a cider and leek cream sauce, the seafood dishes range from the traditional to the more contemporary to suit every taste.

Below are just a few of Finn’s favourite seafood dishes:

Lobster and Crab

If shellfish is what you’re after, try the steamed Atlantic lobster or steamed local Dungeness crab. For the classic seafood enthusiast, Atlantic lobster and local crab are taken straight from live tanks and cooked to perfection on the spot. Served with drawn butter, charred lemon, seasonal vegetables, and steamed baby potatoes sliced into medallions tossed with butter and fresh herbs, this is an always fresh and unforgettable meal.  This dish will invoke memories of childhood summers spent crabbing off the docks or of rowdy East Coast celebrations centred around steaming lobster and melted garlic butter.

Musselsthai coconut curry mussels at finns seafood restaurant victoria bc

Fresh steamed mussels are another West Coast favourite. Larger than clams and with a delicate meaty texture, mussels lend themselves to many different flavours, with your choice of three delicious sauces: Thai Red Coconut Curry; Cilantro, Leek and Carrots or the classic White Wine and Garlic.

Pan Seared Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are a menu staple among seafood lovers everywhere.  These crab cakes are packed with real crab meat, pan-seared to a golden brown and served with a delectable avocado lime sour cream and nestled in a bed of fresh greens. Perfect as a starter or small meal on their own, our guests rave about this satisfying dish.

People do love the crab cakes:

…It’s a starter and perfect to hold you over until dinner time. They’re rich and seared to a satisfying crunch, served with an avocado, slightly-spicy mayo, accompanied by a small green salad with cherry tomatoes. Yum!! – Karen P. Wilmington, DE

We came with several friends for dinner and everyone loved their meals. The crab cakes were wonderful (the best I’ve ever had) – Marjorie C

Panko Fried Oysters

Order the panko fried oysters and be prepared to share with the rest of the table. Addictively good, these are made with only the freshest locally sourced Premium oysters. These gems are coated in a light, crispy batter, and served with lemon and house-made tartar sauce. Enjoy them with a crisp salad (try the Artisan Greens Fennel and Orange salad) to complete your meal.

Wild Prawn Tacoswild prawn tacos at finns seafood restaurant victoria bc

Available as an appetizer or served as a full meal with your choice of field greens or hand-cut fries, the Wild Prawn Tacos are always a hit. Loaded with plump wild prawns, sweet grilled pineapple, salsa verde, shredded cabbage for extra crunch, and a side of spicy chipotle aioli, they’re a crowd favourite for sharing or for keeping all to yourself.

Fresh Iced Oysters

Last but definitely not least are oysters on a half shell. Available any time of day, you can choose from a half dozen local Premium or Superior iced oysters on the half shell, served simply with cocktail sauce, fresh horseradish, and lemon.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. See Finn’s full menu.

Want even more seafood? At Finn’s, you can treat yourself and add your choice of lobster tail, ½ pound of Alaskan King Crab legs, or wild prawns to your meal.

Here’s what some people have to say about Finn’s seafood:

…The drinks were good, the food was even better. The portions are huge but we managed to eat almost every bite. My hubby is a bit of a seafood (or foodie) from numerous travels overseas) so he was very pleased when he took his first bite. All of us were satisfied for our cravings and a great time was had. – CarmenV3, Fall City, WA

I wanted to have a decent meal in Victoria and I got an excellent one. The best seafood chowder I have ever had, followed by two lobster tails on a bed of mash with vegetables. This meal was rounded off with an orange and vanilla bean curd with fresh raspberries. Never has a meal on this trip made me so happy. – Aussie135, London, UK.

If you’re into seafood, be sure to check out Finn’s Seafood, Chops & Cocktails restaurant (https://www.finnsvictoria.com) at 1208 Wharf Street overlooking the harbour in beautiful Victoria, BC next time you’re visiting Vancouver Island.

Finn’s Restaurant - A Fresh Approach to a Stale Marketplace

Finn’s Restaurant – A Fresh Approach to a Stale Marketplace

New Victoria, BC Seafood Restaurant on Wharf Street

In today’s fast-paced hospitality sector restaurants are working harder than ever to thrive or, more likely, just barely survive, and for those who do make it long enough to truly compete, the marketplace continues to become increasingly crowded.

Victoria, British Columbia, is seeing consumers increasingly choosing to avoid the downtown core in favour of edge of town shopping centres with ample parking, making the climate for new downtown restaurants even more improbable. So why would anyone choose to enter this space, and how could they possibly expect to succeed?new Victoria BC Seafood Restaurant

David Cooper, owner and CEO of South Island Hospitality helps shed some light on the subject: “We are in this business because of our love of food, and our deep commitment to our people and our customers. If we didn’t love it we wouldn’t stand a chance.”

On Canada Day, 2017, South Island Hospitality opened Finn’s Restaurant in one of the city’s most coveted heritage buildings in the heart of downtown on the inner harbour. “Of course we love our location, but it’s just not enough to have a beautiful heritage restaurant space overlooking the harbour, we have to be about more than that” says Cooper. “Our goal with Finn’s is to create a centre of excellence in our kitchen team by developing talent in an environment that offers genuine careers and opportunities for growth”. This is hardly a new concept, but it certainly is unusual to see it applied to a restaurant which falls outside of the exclusive, “high end” category. “Our people are at the heart of what we do, and how we do it, That’s our most important investment. We provide full medical and dental health benefits for every full time kitchen employee, from the dishwasher to the chef, as well as employee awards to recognize achievement, ongoing training, and for those who want to challenge themselves further, a company paid Red Seal chef apprenticeship program”.

So how has the local community responded? “Locals have been unbelievably supportive. We still haven’t done any marketing, because we are finishing up our washroom renovations and expansion of our harbour front patio, but thanks to the dedication of our kitchen and front of house teams we are already seeing locals coming back and bringing their friends. All our team members are invested in our mission, and they have made it possible for us to cover a huge amount of ground in a very short time. No matter how tight this market is, people will always respond to great food and great service in a warm inviting atmosphere”.

So if you find yourself in downtown Victoria drop in at Finn’s and see how they are doing in pursuit of their lofty goals. At the very least you can experience a refreshing approach to an often cynical business, while sipping on your cocktail and admiring Victoria’s beautiful inner harbour.