Best Fish & Chips in Victoria

Think Finn’s for Best Fish and Chips in Victoria

Finns - best fish and chips in Victoria BC

As a top seafood restaurant in Victoria, BC, our fish and chips is a staple dish, and a popular choice among the young to the young at heart. No matter where you eat them, it’s easy to love the crisp batter and tender fish nestled inside. Earning rave reviews from locals and visitors from all over the world, at Finn’s, we aim to satisfy every single fish & chips fan with a crisp, delicious plate prepared the traditional way.

Being a harbour city with a distinctly British tone, Victoria, BC is a sea of Fish and Chips, offered everywhere from dockside food trucks to high-end restaurants. So what makes Finn’s the best fish and chips in Victoria?

“Fish and chips is a dish that not many diners choose to make at home. It’s hard to get right,” says Executive Chef Richard Luttman.

“What makes us different is that it’s all done fresh and in-house. We hand cut our fries, we fillet and prepare the fish in-house with a batter using local craft beer, and we also make our own fresh tartar sauce and coleslaw.  It’s simple, classic, and done well,” he adds.

When it comes to our fish and chips, we prepare a single large fillet of sustainably caught North Atlantic Haddock laid atop a bed of crispy, hand cut fries. Favoured for its more tender texture and sweeter taste than Cod, Haddock is preferred by many chefs for the most flavourful and meaty fish and chips.

Try substituting fries for Grana Padano Parmesan fries with fresh herbs and truffle aioli for another dimension of flavour.

… I had the fish and chips, not expecting to have a plate size portion of fish. It was deep fried, crispy outside and deliciously tender and fresh on the inside. It was served with a generous portion of fries and coleslaw. What a treat. I thought there would be no way I could eat all of it, but it was so light and tasty… well, I couldn’t refuse the full portion.  ~ Golfer4status, Salt Lake City, UT

A bit of history: Fish and chips is said to have begun in London in 1860, where it quickly took off as a preferred menu item. No one knows the true origin of this partnership, and it’s become impossible to separate fact from fiction at this point, but there are stories about chips starting in France or Belgium, and fried, battered fish being introduced into Britain by Portuguese or Spanish refugees, finally meeting in London.

It was a welcome change to the bland and prim diets and saw Britain through two world wars since fish and potatoes weren’t rationed. Whatever its true origin, the unstoppable duo has been served to people from all walks of life for around 150 years and this English classic is a winning combination for lunch or dinner.

….The food came promptly, was well prepared and pleased everyone. We had fish and chips, a classic that was done well. Cost was reasonable and good value. One of my favourite places in Victoria. Can’t go wrong.  ~ Angela W, Richmond, Canada

…My fish was fresh, tender and prepared just right. The batter was light and not greasy. The chips were cooked right and not greasy or overly seasoned. Their homemade coleslaw was also very good, light and not runny or soggy with lots of flavor. ~ borninthebronx54, Greenville, SC

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