Best Crab in Victoria BC?

Fresh Caught Dungeness Crab in Downtown Victoria

Locally caught, live crab kept right in the restaurant is a fun (and delicious!) dining experience. Whether you’re a seasoned seafood fanatic or a first-timer who has never cracked a crab claw, join us for a truly satisfying meal of fresh Dungeness crab at Finn’s Seafood, Chops & Cocktails restaurant.

Finns - best crab in victoria

Dungeness crab is a type of seafood that shines on its own with a basic pairing of butter and lemon which brings out the sweet, mild flavour of the meat. We raise the bar with our menu by pairing freshly steamed local crab with tender baby potatoes, fresh seasonal vegetables, charred lemon, and drawn butter. It’s simple, but always spectacular and sure to please.

Does Finn’s Seafood Restaurant Serve the Best Crab in Victoria, BC?

Of course we certainly believe we serve the best crab in Victoria but let’s let our customers speak for themselves.

My husband I decided to finish off our Victoria vacay with dinner at Finn’s because of the great reviews we had read and the many recommendations from the locals we spoke to. It did not disappoint!! We had a wonderful server named Lindsay, who was so personable and very knowledgeable about the menu! We started off with the crab cakes, which were unreal and then for the main course my husband had the halibut and pesto risotto and I had the Dungeness crab. We were blown away by every single delicious bite! We would highly recommend Finn’s for a fantastic meal, great service in a beautiful historic building overlooking the harbour. It was the perfect end to our beautiful vacation! Thank you!! ~ knezacekms

My girlfriend and I visited this restaurant while travelling to Victoria, it was the right choice. The view from the restaurant was calming and perfect for dinner. We have high expectations when it comes to seafood – the Dungeness crab was so exquisite that we came back a second time for it! I highly suggest visiting this restaurant if you are in Victoria  ~ Sameer J

Dungeness crabs are harvested from traps in the waters surrounding Vancouver Island and are held in our saltwater tank, so you know they’re going to be as fresh as possible. Named after Dungeness, Washington, located along the Juan de Fuca Strait, this variety of crab can actually be found as far north as Alaska and as far south as Baja California Sur, Mexico, so the Vancouver Island coast is prime real estate for the delicious Dungeness.

A happy, healthy crab should be quite active and have a hard reddish-brown shell with some purple spots near the front and claws that end in a white tip. Dungeness crabs can grow up to 9 inches wide and weigh up to 3 lbs— making a hearty meal of rich & succulent crab meat. The smaller pieces of meat from legs and claws tend to be sweeter than the larger pieces of meat from the main body, and a higher or lower salinity in the water where they develop can also make a difference in the taste and texture.

Fact: Did you know that the Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) is the state crustacean of Oregon? It’s true! Schoolchildren at Sunset Primary School lobbied to have the Dungeness crab designated as the state crustacean in 2009, due to its importance to the Oregon economy.

For an authentic seafood experience, enjoy a meal at Finn’s Seafood, Chops & Cocktails restaurant at 1208 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC, or make a reservation for a group booking or special event.