Flatbread Artisan Pizzas – Homemade from Scratch Using Fresh Ingredients

Pizza has a long history that doesn’t actually begin in Italy, contrary to popular belief. Instead, the iterations of pizza we know and love today began all the way back in ancient Egypt in the form of flatbreads with toppings. These were popular among the Romans and Greeks as well, with Grecians preferring theirs made with herbs and oil on a softer bread (similar to what focaccia bread is now).flatbread pizzas in victoria bc

Pizza became very popular in Naples as an affordable food that could be eaten quickly by hand. They were meant for any meal and could be sold by vendors along the street, ideal for busy Neapolitans who didn’t have time to stop for a sit down meal. Typical pizza toppings in Naples during the 1800’s were anchovies, garlic, cheese, and tomatoes.

“Both the greeters and our server were very friendly and welcoming, made our visit all the more enjoyable! We had a shrimp salad and a shrimp pizza (both in the mood for seafood!) which were delicious, both very fresh and unusual (but good) flavoured dishes.”

After the unification of Italy in 1861, Queen Margherita and King Umberto I visited Naples. They reportedly became bored with their typical gourmet French cuisine and requested to try pizza. It seems they were immediately hooked, and the Queen quickly developed a taste for the simple toppings of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. Ever since, that combination of toppings has been called the Margherita, and it remains one of the most classic pizzas today. It even features the colours of the Italian flag for a true representation of Italy!

At Finn’s Seafood, Chops, and Cocktails, our artisan flatbread pizzas are handmade from scratch and baked in our wood fired oven with only the freshest ingredients—just the way pizza should be.

With two great selections plus a daily feature, there’s something to please every appetite. Finn’s pizzas are loaded with tempting toppings, gooey cheese, and sprinkled with fresh basil and parmesan cheese.

“Love, love, love the appetizers and pizza! We showed up and were greeted by a smiling friendly face who seated us right away. We ordered a Sangria each and as a main, we ordered the Artisan Flatbread Pizza. Super tasty. We had a lovely evening at Finn’s with great service and tasty food. We will be back!”

Looking for seafood? Try the Gamberi, tomato sauce, shrimp, smoked bacon, caramelized balsamic onions, mozzarella, fresh basil, and parmesan. The bacon and onions mingle perfectly with the shrimp for a medley of flavour and textures—just the way pizza should be.

In the mood for vegetarian? You’ll love our Vegetariano, with tangy tomato sauce, fresh spinach, sweet baby tomatoes, goat milk feta, olives, onions, and topped with fresh basil, parmesan

“Wow! I am blown away from how good the food was. Got the red wine, prawn tacos, and mushroom pizza. Prawn tacos are a must try!!!!”

Stop by today for a leisurely lunch or dinner at Finn’s Seafood, Chops, and Cocktails, and be sure to ask our friendly servers about the daily feature pizza—you might just discover a new favourite! Book a reservation, or come on in after a busy day of enjoying the sights in downtown Victoria. You’ll find us at 1208 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC, in a beautiful historic brick building overlooking the stunning inner harbour.